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Local Entertainers Share Their Meaning Of Martyrs’ Day

As multitudes flock Namugongo for Martyrs’ Day, the least expected among the bunch will be entertainers. The image the public has of them is that they are too busy with the secular world that they never have time for the spiritual realm.

Chano8 however got in touch with some of them, to inquire if they have an understanding of Martyrs’ Day, a day set apart by the church to celebrate the 24 catholic and 22 Anglican faithful that were killed for their belief in Christ on 3rd June 1886.

martyrs' day

A mammoth crowd at Namugongo last year

It is very interesting that contrary to society belief, the entertainers have way too much knowledge and attachment about and to the day.

Renowned comedian and part time rapper Patrick ‘Salvador’ Idringi argues that being a Catholic, it is a very significant day for him.


Comedian Salvador is filled with respect for Martyrs’ Day

“The day is a very important to me. When you see pilgrims walking from their places, it shows how much it means” Salvador told Chano8.

The work schedule always renders it hard to celebrate the day, but Salvador has a plan up his sleeve for that.

“I will be performing at a concert tomorrow, but I will do something to celebrate it with the family” he said.


Winnie Nwagi urges the public to pray tomorrow

Songstress Winnie Nwagi of the ‘Musawo’ fame shared similar views.

“It is a special day really. I would have loved to pray but I have a concert that day” she said, before adding a piece of advice to the public.

“People should go for prayers. Remember that the martyrs’ died for their faith in Jesus” she concluded.


Geosteady will be at Namugongo for the celebrations

Lyricist and songwriter Geosteady had a stronger sentiment towards the day.

“It is a day to commemorate the suffering and death of the martyrs’ for their religion. Tomorrow I will be sure to pass by Namugongo for prayers” he mentioned.

Martyrs’ Day celebrations will be held at Namugongo tomorrow, to commemorate 52 years of sainthood for the biggest group of martyrs worldwide.


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