A Look At Bobi Wine and His Transformed Life

Ghetto president Bobi Wine has rebranded himself in various ways not only has he become an inspiration to so many people but he has also become a mentor for the youth. A few months ago the Sema singer revealed on Dembe Fm that he is working on building his new image that will help people grow with positive beliefs. Bobi said that he has rebranded into edutainment music because he wants his music to work as a tool of communication to Ugandans.

“I am now doing edutainment. When I was a young boy, I inspired ghetto youth into doing wrong things like taking drugs and alcohol but since am now grown up man with a wife and children, I decided to do music that will work towards changing society,” he said.

Bobi 2

Bobi was recently named Express football Brand Ambassador

There is no doubt that proud father has achieved just that, he recently called on youth to exercise their rights of expression, spearheaded the #SaveCarol and #SaveMuwonge fundraisers to show his good will. He is also working with the police to help maintain peace in the Kamwokya ghetto.

The Firebase president’s songs of late have also been speak volumes like his ‘Tugambire Ku Jennifer’ that was aimed at ending brutality against the traders and other people of Kampala.

Bobi Wine has definitely polished his image and it’s no wonder he has managed to win over hundreds of fans.

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