“Look For Quality”, Afrigo Band’s Moses Matovu Advises Artistes

Photo by Habre Muriisa

Undoubtedly the best band in Uganda, Legendary Afrigo Band has proven they are indeed good from time immemorial to date. Leave alone their songs, they are also good stage performers who give fans value for their money at the different events they have graced.

Like an experienced band, the lead singer and one of the founders Moses Matovu was called upon to analyse the Ugandan music industry and take on the questions from attendees at the launch of The Uganda Music Awards 2017 (TUMA 2017) that took place at Kampala Serena Hotel’s Katonga Hall on Monday the 27th of March 2017 and he did not disappoint.

Afrigo Band's Moses Matovu

Legendary Afrigo Band’s Moses Matovu tells Ugandan artistes to do quality music and be proffesional

When asked what advise he can give Ugandan artistes to also be successful like the band he is attached to, Mr Matovu said.

“We should believe in ourselves and avoid being copy cats. What we have to do, the artistes and the fans we should try to look for quality. By that I mean professionalism. There are some artistes who are being made from studio and for me that is not right. Someone should first learn how to play instruments, learn how to sing and then go to the studio but they should not be manufactured from the studio. According to today’s technology, anyone of us can sing but if you are asked to sing you cannot because you are not a complete musician so we should look for quality and professionalism.”

Moses also talked about corruption being a big problem hindering the Uganda music industry where by artistes have resorted to just using money to be publicised

“There is another problem which is corruption. It is too much in Uganda. For example a musician could be with some money and would like to be publicised and instead of concentrating on what they should do, they just use money so that he can be a celebrity. That is a problem.”

Moses Matovu

Corruption is affecting the Uganda music industry according to Afrigo Band’s Moses Matovu

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