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Lord Mayor Reduces Self To Just A ‘Child’ In The Village

It’s always good to remember your roots regardless of how important or successful you are in life. At least that is what Erias Lukwago, the Kampala city lord mayor portrayed during Eid celebrations a few days back.

The Lord Mayor spent the whole day at his village in Masaka and humbled himself to village life. Lukwago got involved in almost every activity in the village, from chopping firewood, fetching water, slaughtering animals and  even cooking food at some point.


Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago carrying water from the well on a bicycle


But with all that, he sounded as though he had missed doing it and was looking forward to it. “Back to the roots. It’s quite refreshing, spending Eid day at our ancestral home in Kabungo, Kalungu, Masaka as I reminisce on those childhood chores,” Lukwago posted on his Facebook page, reviving his childhood days.


That time when the mayor split the fire wood

The lord mayor forgot all about his city troubles when he reached the village and concentrated on house chores, leaving those at home to at least get some time off.

He set a good example to the rest of the cooperate world who only stop at taking items in the village but cannot get involved in the activities because they consider themselves  wealthy.And going by the reactions on the post, many people gave him the thumps up and we say udos Lord Mayor.


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