Low Turn Up At First Edition Of ‘Tula Kumukeeka’ Event

Events are becoming harder to organize by the day because with artistes Afrigo Band and Maddox Ssematimba listed to be the main headliners, it was expected that a huge crowd would turn up at the first edition of ‘Tula Kumukeeka’ but this was not the case. Instead, the event had a lot of negatives than the positives.

When it clocked 6pm, most people thought the event would be cancelled as only a handful of people had made their way to Uganda museum where the event was taking place but because Afrigo were already at the venue, the organizers decided to proceed with the show. The legendary band kicked off their performance at 7pm doing songs like ‘Obangaina’, Kati Onoba’, ‘Batuuse’ and others but midway the performance, lights went off and they had to wait for close to ten minutes for power to be restored. After winding up, they announced that Maddox was coming next on stage.


But then,  Cape Brothers Boys (a group of five) came on stage and started performing cover songs like Bob Marley’s ‘Jungle’, ‘One love’ and Madoxx’s ‘Namagembe’ after which Blood brothers band with whom Maddox usually performs started, testing their sound and instruments.

This gave hope that maybe the reggae artiste was coming on next. However, after two hours of waiting, the crowd started growing angry and demanded the band to leave stage until Maddox came on.

It took another hour for him to emerge from back stage with ‘Eddembe’, then ‘Omuyimbi’, ‘Irene’, ‘Bakadde’ and finishing up with ‘Namagembe.’ The people’s favourite. The gaps became a problem for the fans though the idea of the event sounded enticing.

maddox revelers-2 revelers-3


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