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“Luganda Is Failing Ugandan Music Abroad”- Singer Naira Ali

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United States of America -based Ugandan singer Naira Ali says singing in Luganda is one of the reasons why Ugandan music has still failed to penetrate the market abroad

The singer, who left Uganda for the United States of America made the comment during a zoom interview with NTV’s “The Beat” show on this week.

“…yes you can sing in any language and someone will understand it but we sing a lot in Luganda. It makes it to personal in that a person who is not a Muganda might find it hard to understand the language” Said Naira

She first explained that music sung in Luganda is very good and doing very well in Uganda but abroad, it is hard for people to understand the language

Much as in her opinion Kabaka’s language is one of the reasons failing the marketing of Ugandan music abroad, in a Facebook post, Arts Journalist Kaggwa Myga Andrew disagreed with her by saying that language is not the reason why Ugandan music doesn’t sell abroad but rather lack of talent.

“Two things happen in the art industry. Art will choose you or you will choose art. People that choose art will say things Naira Ali is saying. People that art chose will understand that art has no language and it’s the reason why African legendary musicians like Papa Wemba, Fela Kuti, Angelique Kidjo, Salif Keita and others succeeded with their local language,” He pointed out

He said that good music has nothing to do with Language but rather simple lyrics and sound that anyone can understand

“Jamaicans had tried simplifying it but still the best they would give is simple English chorus,” he added.

In response, Naira said that his observation cannot be ruled out but language barrier and poor quality sound is still the biggest problem affecting the Ugandan music industry

“While Burna Boy seems a total modification of Fela Kuti, the ability of a non-Nigerian audience all over the world to sing along his songs is high because his lyrics are in English,” she said.









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