Luswata Catches Big Break At Starqt Awards.

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T.v ‘s provocative presenter Mary Luswata may be one of the most hated presenter in the celebrity circles and some fans but someone else there seems to like her.  Starqt Awards has asked her to host the so to be Starqt Awards slated for 4th October in Johansberg, South Africa.

It is rumored to be her first time aboard a plane being the reason why she has kept it secret from her fan and haters or is it fear  of rumors like this very one. The teasing has been relentless ever since word broke out.

Friends have been saying things like “She is  spending sleepless nights because she will also board a plane.” or “The excitement is too much and she has even lost appetite since the only thing on her mind is boarding a plane for the first tome to South Africa.” plus “Even she doesn’t want a mosquito to bite her, because those who have fallen victims of her criticism may use any opportunity available to harm her” lol. And the jokes continue.

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This is the 1st ever Starqt Awards ceremony, which is organized and founded by South African based Ugandan model Stella Nankya with the intent to recognize Ugandans in S.A that are of substance and also celebrate fashion.

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