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Luzira: Escape From Uganda.. The Cast Opens Up

Luzira:Escape from Uganda which premiers today is the talk of town.

During a radio interview with XFM today, Saiju (one the actors) said that the movie was planned for like for 2 or 3 years. They always wanted to do something that would be a mixture of Ugawood and Bollywood. He also further added that they didn’t meet any challenges during the shooting of the movie since the Uganda Police Force were always there to help them during the shooting days.


Dr. Bbosa, who plays the villain in the movie said it was thrilling working alongside Jose Chameleone, he further commended the artist saying that, it was not Jose Chameleone on the set, it was the real Joseph Mayanja who showed us a different angle we have never seen.
The Ebonies actor also talked about his role as a villain, saying that being an actor you need to be flexible and being able to understand the role.

Being the first of its kind in Uganda, the movie is definitely the kind fans would like to see.

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