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Lydia Jazmine And Geosteady Get Too Close-Again!

You all remember the Video of ‘Same Way’? That crystal clear montage involving the silky voiced Lydia Jazmine and the crooner Geosteady that was released recently? If yes, focus on the end where the two appear to kiss in the video. Well, at this year’s edition of Kadanke last Saturday, the two were at it again, and this time, it was live on stage for the audience to see.


Geosteady and Lydia Jazmine dancing at the recent Kadanke Grand Final

Geosteady came on stage prior to Lydia Jazmine. Owing to his recent successes, the teens were ready to receive him, with thunderous claps and reverberating ululations. He did this arrival justice, with performances of songs like ‘Mbuuza’ and his arguably all time best ‘Viola’ among other tracks that sparked the teens alive.


Teens cheering Geosteady and Lydia Jazmine on stage

Then he breathed the ‘Same Way’ intro into the microphone, and the queen of the song Jazmine crept on from backstage. She was wearing quite a short skirt and a sleeveless top, with a 90s hairdo and matching vintage make-up. Immediatey, she moved close to Geosteady, and the duel begun chiming the song.


The two get lost in the performance

Not far from the start, Jazmine was already gyrating seductively upon Geosteady, who in turn, as if excited by her, got the best voice out of himself. Then she turned and faced him, their faces really close, and together their voices blended into some of the sweetest melodies the teens had heard all day long. They even got closer to build their chorus and the audience went crazy. Shortly after this, Geosteady left the stage for Jazmine to rock on, the audience clearly wanting more from them both.


Perfoming ‘Same Way’ live on stage

‘Same Way’ is a very emotional song. Whereas many think this is evidence of Jazmine and Geosteady having a thing going on, the two are just being professional musicians who need to entertain, and they are doing just fine.

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