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Lydia Jazmine Basks In Graduation Glory

To successfully serve two masters at ago is almost impossible. It is even worse when the two masters are books and music. That though is no hindrance to Lydia Jazmine, who as of today has celebrated her graduation, boosting her career by adding academic credibility to her already accredited music.

Jazmine joins the list of the few Ugandan musicians that can boast of a transcript from an institution of higher learning. She graduated from Multitech Business School with a Degree in Business Administration and Management. Clearly, it was a landmark achievement for her, considering how many hardships come with the school schedule mixing with the music calendar.

jaz 2

Jazmine (left) and a friend beam after their degrees were conferred to them

It was hard definitely. Like many others, I almost gave up. However I just kept focused because I had a dream and many people I did not want to disappoint, especially my parents” she told Chano8.

The little girl inside Jazmine had a goal to achieve and she kept chasing that goal from day one.

If you were to check any of my school documents, you will find that I was always in the top 5. From way back, I always loved to study, and I am relieved that is done today. I am so happy” she added.

jaz 3

Jazmine poses with another friend

Her toil included being a musician by day and studying in the evening, as well as paying her own tuition. While many lost focus and fell off along the way, Jazmine kept her eyes on the set goal until today when she achieved it. Now she has more time to concentrate on her music, while wobbling in the pride of being a degree holding musician. Clearly, so many opportunities lie ahead. Kudos, Jazmine!

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