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Lydia Jazmine Declines To Respond To Bad Black’s Comment Over ‘Ugly Feet’

Last week on Thursday, Singer Lydia took to her Facebook page where she shared photos of her with fellow singer Spice Diana they took on the road side as they traveled to Mbarara for the MTN At 20 Expo which took place on Friday the 12th of April

Posting the photos wouldn’t be a big deal but some Facebook users made fun of the photos by commenting negatively on her feet, claiming that they don’t look pleasant for person of her stature.

For the past few days, photos of the singer showing her feet have been making rounds in different WhatsApp groups and now controversial socialite Bad Black also joined them to diss the ‘You And Me’ singer’s feet.

Black took to her Snap Chat to express her dissatisfaction

“By the way, have you seen Lydia Jazmine’s feet, she all looks like a witch. Whoever meets Lydia Jazmine please kindly tell her to go to a salon and wear artificial nails and stop shaming us” Said Bad Black

She further that Lydia made a big mistake to travel with Spice Diana whom she said is more beautiful than her

However, much as we thought that Lydia was going to fire back, she on the contrary didn’t. In an interview with NBS Uncut show, the singer claimed that she isn’t a person of a negatively energy and maintained her silence on that matter.

“People know Lydia Jazmine, I am not a person of negative energy. I have no Idea why she talked about me and I cannot respond to that” Lydia said




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