Lydia Jazmine Distances Self From Signing With Andy Music

When Andrew Mugerwa commonly known as Andy Music separated with B2C, critics said that it was the end for the trio and that their downfall was just a few weeks away. To some extent, this might have come to pass because B2C haven’t lately been up to their expectation lately and neither has Andy.

 Andy signed three artistes soon after ditching B2C but just no sooner had he held a press conference to unveil them, there were rumors in the background that he had also signed singer Lydia Jazmine who was a free agent after separating with her manager Bushington.

That rumor has been in existence for three or so months but it seems the ‘Drum’ artiste got fed up of it. She came out and confirmed that she couldn’t hand her career in Andy’s hands.

“I have never signed with anybody, especially Andy. It was just an understanding that we had,” Lydia told our source

She also added that she met Andy in December 2018 and the two gave themselves a grace period of two months to sign a contract in March this year but she later learnt that it wasn’t the right thing to do.

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