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Lydia Jazmine Talks About Her New Album And Experience Working With Nigeria’s Sarkodie

Lydia Jazmine is a young promising RnB artist has been upping her game in trying to find a place among the top crème de la crème that has been dominated by the male artistes for a long time. Although that is a big ask of her, she is not one to write off at this early stages considering she has followed her earlier projects with better ones.

Lydia Jazmine talks about her new album

Lydia Jazmine talks about her new album

The singer recently told Chano8, that she’s working on a new 12 track album, which will feature collaborations with King Saha and David Lutalo. She further said that she has a song with Nigeria’s Sarkodie and plans to work with South African female rapper Patty Monroe in the future.

Have a look at the video below and see what she says more.

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