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Maarifa Cook Off To Redefine Kampala Food Fests

The trend of events in Kampala today is tending towards food festivals. As a result, many of them have started to look the same. Fast forward to the Ready, Steady Cook Off event organized by Maarifa School Of Catering and Hospitality Training, and you will see a difference.

The event name for starters says a lot. This is a competition so get Ready, Steady and Cook Off-but then again, that is what all the food competitions are like. The distinction though is in the fact that whereas other food festivals are mainly of restaurants competing with each other, this is more of a family cook off.


Dipu Ruparelia, Proprietor Maarifa School of Catering

Dipu Ruparelia, the proprietor Maarifa says Ready, Steady Cook Off says this event is here to give people the feel they always miss in other similar cook offs.

“People don’t usually feel part of it, as it is always between restaurants. What we want is families to participate.” he told Chano8.

sudhir 2

Business mogul Sudhir Ruparelia will battle in the cook off

Competitiors will be given a bag containing 15 surprise ingredients, of which 13 of them must be used to prepare a dish they will be tasked with. Dipu is certain that even for a professional chef, this one will not be easy.

There is also another difference embedded in the fact the cook off is bent towards giving back to society, as Dipu illustrates.

“Some of the proceeds from the day will be given to charity. We are partnering with a charity organization called Elizabeth Children’s Centre in Mukono, and we will always give back to charity whenever we organize the event” he added.

Bebe Cool 2

Bebe Cool is one of the expected guests

That is not all just yet. According to Dipu, there is an A-list of celebrities that have confirmed attendance. These include businessmen Sudhir Ruparelia, Hajji Umar Mandela, musician Bebe Cool to mention but a few. These too will compete in the cook off.


The artwork with all the details you need to know about the event

The event, which is debuting this Friday 3rd June, will be hosted on a bi-annual schedule from now on. It will be hosted at Kabira Country Club, from 9am till late. Entrance fee is 10,000per head, but free for all children below 10 years.

It is proudly sponsored by a number of companies, including Chano8 and MixaKids.

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