Mabirizi Complex Suicide Man ‘Speaks Out’

A video of a man identified as Mustapha Lule, a resident of Kagoma Lukadde in Kawempe division jumping from atop Mabirizi complex in an attempt to commit suicide, did rounds over the weekend and many thought he had died.However later reports and information we received indicates he is alive and nursing a broken arm and broken ribs at Mulago hospital where he was taken after his suicidal attempts failed.

With many still puzzled why he had decided to end his life, Mustapha has come out to explain his reasons but only to his mother according to unreliable sources.

It is said that, Lule was so frustrated with his father, a one Suleiman Ssebuffu who rejected him ever since childhood and never at any one point in time took care of him yet he is so well off.


Mustapha Lule receiving reatment at Mulago Hospital

The victim’s mother Amatu Namakula said that this is the main reason her son wanted to commit suicide. “Lule came home and told me that he was tired of suffering yet his father has money. He added that, if his own father can reject him then who else would take care of him.” Namakula narrated.

She is now asking for the general public and good Samaritans to run to her rescue because she can’t afford the medical bills at Mulago hospital.

Already, the hospital needs her to pay shs 400,000 for a scan to see whether he got internal injuries, which money she doesn’t have.

Watch the thrilling video of Mustapaha Lule jumping off Mabirizi Complex building in Kampala city below;




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