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Mad Rush: Dudes Take Off And Leave Their Chicks At Mercy Of Police During Raid At Kyadondo Rugby Club

These are not easy days to be arrested and detained for disobeying the Covid19 guidelines set by the Ministry of Health.

 Incase it happens, getting away from Police is something you wouldn’t fail to do and this is what happened at Kyadondo Rugby Club in Kampala last Friday after Police officers raided the hangout spot where there was a group of people having fun and sipping on some soft and hard drinks

According to reports, no arrests were made in the raid that caught almost all the entire crowd unawares but the club’s management was ordered to close business immediately.

There was also a dramatic moment as frightened people tried to flee the place to avoid arrests and this is when some dudes forgot that they come with their girlfriends whom they ran and left helpless, only at the mercy of Police.

Silver Kayondo, one of the revellers who perhaps didn’t flee took to his Twitter account and said “Guys who jumped the fence and left your babes at Kyadondo, we see you.”Those who jumped over the kyadondo fence and left ur babes behind ..we see u” Said another reveller.

Meanwhile, in Honourable Ruth Aceng, the Minister of Health’s recent address on Government’s considerations for phased lifting of the lockdown, bars, discotheques “remain on suspension until further notice”



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