Madoxx, King Saha, Cindy And Janzi Band Set To Spice Up Muchomo Festival This Weekend

The fear of missing out has already gripped the party animals, well wishers as well as meat lovers ahead of the fourth edition Uganda’s biggest meat event ‘Muchomo Festival’ which is slated for this Sunday the 25th of November at Naguru Hill Top grounds

Much as fans thought that this year’s edition of the annual meat festival wasn’t going to happen due to its delay, Kezzi Events the organizers used the delay to plan well for this edition which is just days away to be a blast

All the headlining performers have already confirmed their attendance and the organisers promised nothing but lots of games and entertainment, especially after having put together a cocktail of local artistes and Djs that will surely make revellers’ Muchomo experience amazing

Last year’s edition which took place at Uganda Museum grounds on  Sunday the 23rd of July. Janzi Band and  Djs Ape Man, Nimrod, LL and Jamal lit it up with their awesome performers the revellers enjoyed. This year round, singers like Reggae legend Madoxx Ssematimba, Kenneth Mugabi, King Saha, Cindy Sanyu, Janzi Band and Djs Roja and Slick Stuart are set to make sure no reveller gets bored come D-day.

Muchomo Festival is an annual social family event that offers a unique experience with amazing fun for all age brackets and bring together meat and food lovers from all walks of life

Entrence is Ug Shs 50,000 ordinary and 150,000 for VIP and gates will open at midday and close at 11 PM and the event is sponsored by Mixa Kids, Capital FM, Balaam Marketing Agency

Check out how the 3rd edition of Muchomo Festival went down at Uganda Museum in 2017

Muchomo Festival organiser Tonny Mutengu takes an interview from NBS TV’s Agatha Loswash

Janzi Band did a good job entertaining the crowd

Some of the revellers buying meat at one of the roasting stalls

Some of the revellers roasted their own Muchomo

Hip Hop singer ST Nelly Sade and a friend eating the muchomo

Galaxy FM’s Mr Mosh was the host

Dj Nimrod had an amazing showcase

Dj Ape Man had got the crowd dancing

Dj Nimrod also had spectacular live mix showcase

Galaxy FM’s Andrew Kyamagero and a friend at the fest

A couple after buying muchomo

Friends enjoying their muchomo

One of the revellers roasting her own meat

Some of the attendees selecting out the best muchomo

Who said that Rastas should not eat meat?

Comedian Salvado’s Wife Daphine also had a meet roasting stall

SMS ONE’S finance and administration manager Naume Ninsiima and her husband Bless enjoying the meat

So yummy

Salvado and the the wife Daphine after stepping in for Muchomo Festival

A section of the crowd at the festival

Janzi Band thrilled the revellers

Janzi Band’s keyboardist Trevor doing his thing

Janzi Bands percussionist Sekasi

It was a family event that had children as well

DJ Nimrod, Andrew Kyamagero and friends dancing their excitement off

Club Twist had a mobile beach set up that caught revellers’ attetion

Some of the revellers in the VIP tents

Salvado and Vince Musisi pulling some rare dance strokes

Club Twist brought some some games that got people busy

Dj Jamal on the ones and twos

Singer Dragu, NTVs Andrew Kyamagero and comedian Salvado pausing for our camera


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