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Major Concerts That Rocked Kampala In 2015

2015 will go down as one of the most successful years for event organizers and artistes who made alot of money from the respective concerts they held. However, like in recent years, some shows flopped but that will be for another day. We look at some of the best events 2015 brought usnot in 9particular order.


October 30th went down in history books as the best concert for an international artiste since UB40 seven years ago and American RnB sensation Neyo was the main reason for this. The artiste performed for 45 minutes but his performance left a lasting impression to Ugandans with songs like Miss Independent, Sexy Love , Closer, So Sick, Because of you and many others. His dance moves left not only the ladies screaming but a good number of guys as well. He was on point with everything.  


Ne-Yap put up one of the best performances ever


Kampala Serena Hotel is not an easy venue to fill up but artiste Bebe Cool did exactly that when he held his ‘Friends of Bebe Cool’ concert on August the 7th last year.  This had come a few months after he had released what we can call one of the best albums ever produced in Uganda for a long time. Bebe Cool’s concert was an indication to the public that he had matured musically and that his career had sky rocketed with songs like ‘Love you every day’, Freedom, Anything for love, Mandela and Everywhere I go’ among others all on the ‘Go Maama’ album. He changed several times and performed live for three hours. However much there are glitches on concerts, there was none at Bebe’s 2015 event.



Ever since the breakup of Blu*3, Cindy, Jackie and Lillian, the founders of the girl group had all taken solo career and each was doing great in their singer styles but Lillian took a risky step courtesy of her record label Dueces Entertainment group to hold a concert at Serena. This worked out as she attracted a full house.
She shared her musical journey, performed some of her old and new tracks, and also shared a stage with Jamaican artiste Nyanda. The show was nicely organized and Steve Jean proved his stage, light and sound masterly on that night.


Up close and personal with Lilian Mbabazi


Last year’s Nile Gold Jazz Safari was all the hype it received. The artiste lined up didn’t disappoint as they lived up to the billing. Karyn White warmed hearts with her soulful delivery of classic hits like ‘Can I Stay With You, Superwoman, Secret Rendezvous, I’d rather be among others. Kirk Whalum too didn’t disappoint as he blew the sax to the acknowledgement of the crowd he did tracks like ‘I’ll Make Love to you and I’ll Always Love You. The entry fee of 200,000 was to little people’s concern as they enjoyed the show to the fullest.  


Things got intimate on stage at Jazz Safari


Billy Ocean was one artiste to reckon with in the 80s and 90s with songs like ‘Caribbean queen, When The Going Gets Tough, Lover Boy and Out Of My Dream but when it was announced that he would be performing for the first time in Uganda, the public was a bit hesitant as the artiste now appears too old. However, the 65 year old proved them wrong when he sang his first song of the night. Furthermore, he danced and interacted with the audience and before long, the crowd was on its feet dancing to his grooves. The singer was in town to entertain and support charity. Part of the proceeds from the show went towards aiding Rahab Uganda, a charity organization that rehabilitates and rescues young prostitutes off the streets. The concert was dubbed Have fun and give back.



Last year, people had started saying Bobi Wine is no longer among the top three artistes in Uganda because of his lack of hits but when he teamed up with Nubian Lee on ‘Kigwa leero’ track, their words reduced because it proved that he still has A-game and it is then that he decided to have a concert with the title track at his Busabaala beach. It was a sell out and unlike before, security was tight with few crimes.


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