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Makerere University Mitchell Hall Fall: Was It A Case Of Rape Or Rather Suicide?

There have been conflicting media reports concerning the fall from third flow of Makerere University student Brenda Nakyegwe from Mitchell hall that happened Friday night. Although one thing  which was confirmed by press time is that, there was a case of a lady who fell and seriously injured herself and is now recuperating at Mulago hospital.

Social media has this morning been awash with disturbing images of a badly injured young lady apparently who jumped off third floor at Makerere University’s Mitchell lHall which is a boys’ hall of residence. The lady who was rushed by sympathisers in a very critical condition to hospital apparently told the students who helped her that, she jumped off because of fear of being raped by the male host who had locked her in the room.

Injured: Brenda Nakwegwe in pain after falling from Mitchell Hall  

Some reports had earlier indicated that Nakyegwe a second year Bachelor of Music, Dance and Drama student who resides in Cyber hostel opposite Nakiyingi Hostel in Makerere-Kikoni, was pushed through the window by the suspect now identified as Jeremiah Mugyema a fourth year Medical student after a bitter disagreement. He is said to have attempted to rape another girl in 2015 but case was amicably resolved out of court.

Suspect: This is the person who allegedly in involved in the saga

Mitchel Hall

There has also been a social media ‘war’ between some halls of resident accusing each other of black mail and image tainting where some students claim Nakyegwe simply attempted to commit suicide after she had a fight with her host. Similar reports also claim she poured hot water on her host and then jumped off through the window after he threatened to rape and kill her. 

Some other versions of the story claim she Nakyegwe allegedly was high on drugs or drunk and ended up in Jeremiah’s room where he attempted to rape her.

Whatever the case, it has been an unfortunate incidence and police is currently investigating the matter and hopefully the culprits will be brought to book. And we wish Nakyegwe a quick recovery.

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