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“Making Money Is More Important”- Comedian Salvado On Bobi Wine’s Woes

Still on Bobi Wine’s on Boxing Day concert which was blocked by Police, comedian Salvado Idringi came out and advised him that making money is more important than anything else he can think of.

He based his statement on the fact that the Fire Base president didn’t make any money because his concert was cancelled all in the name of fighting for ‘people’s rights’.

“As an individual, fighting for people’s rights is important, but making money is more important. If you don’t believe me, go ask any UG artiste!” Salvado posted on his Facebook account a few days ago

Earlier on, Salvado had through his Facebook said that Bebe Cool had no obligation to cancel his ‘Tondeka E Kiwatule’ concert as it was suggested by some people on social media who thought it was wiser for him to stand in solidarity with his nemesis Bobi Wine.

Salvado added that just like Bobi, Bebe also has a family to take care of and that people should direct all the anger over the injustice exercised on Bobi Wine to the Police but not Bebe Cool.

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