Malaika Nnyanzi Shares Touching Story About Her Sister’s Death: “Viola Please Come Back”

Photo by Habre Muriisa/Chano8
  • On 31st of December 2017, media personality Malaika Nnyanzi lost her sister Viola in a car accident
  • Viola together with her and Malaika’s elder sister Sue and their friend were on their way to Jinja
  • Viola hit her head hard, broke her legs, arms and died on spot
  • People have taken to social media to comfort Malaika in this traumatising time

Media personality and Kampala FM’s morning show co-host Malaika Nnyanzi’s young sister Viola did not make to 2018 on Sunday the 31st of December 2017 after she lost her dear life in fatal car accident when her and her friends were on their way to Jinja.

 Viola and her Sue who is the elder sister of both and a friend of theirs were on their way from Jinja when a boda boda rider came out of nowhere and as the driver swerved, to avoid knocking him, he hit the side metal bar on the road side.

On collision, Viola who was seated in the co driver seat, without a seat belt went through the windscreen hit her head, broke her neck and legs and died. The driver and Sue who remained in the rolling car, survived but sustained serious injuries.

“Please keep our family in your prayers but especially for Sue and the driver. My baby Kiki (Viola) was put to rest on 2nd Jan 2018 in Masaka. I am grateful for all the messages, the phone calls and support.

Right now i am still not well enough to pick up all the phone calls (i am in pain physically and emotionally) so please message. One day it will all make sense. But right now. It doesn’t. I miss my baby and it still feels like a bad dream. May God keep us strong. Rest in Peace our baby.” Malaika Nnyanzi shared on Facebook

Malaika’s social media followers have since then been sending her and family and friends of the deceased condolence messages. As Chano8 we also take this platform to say “may Viola’s soul rest in eternal peace”.

L-R is Malaika Nnyanzi, Viloa (VIP) and their elder sister Sue

 Here are some of the screen shots of fans comforting Malaika Nnyanzi on social media


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