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Mama Fina Acquires British Citizenship

As many are earning to just go to Britain for at least a week or so, some people like Mama Fina are now citizens of the European country.

The leader of traditional healers in Uganda earned her British citizenship earlier  yesterday after her new husband Ismail Ssegujja organized the papers for her and her daughter Safiina Nangoba.

Ismail is already a British national of Ugandan origin so it became easier for Sylvia Namutebi alias Mama Fina and her daughter to also get British citizenship.

She made the statement while flagging off 100 Radio Simba listeners for a six-day tour of the United Arab Emirates on November 15th.

In order to guarantee their return to Uganda, Mama Fina paid Ug Shs 540 Million as security bond.
She also urged Ugandans to begin saving money to travel for holidays outside the country.
“Most of these people have never been to Entebbe or the airport but we encouraged them to save money for this trip four years ago and here they are travelling today,” she said.

Earlier this year, Mama Fiina married Mr Ismail Ssegujja after her husband, Maj Mohammad Kigundu, was murdered last year.

Mama Fina at the official fallging off of radio Simba listeners to go to Dubai where she also broke the news of acquiring a British citizenship


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