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Mama Fina Rescues Aziz Mawanda And His 75-Year-Old White Lover

Monalisa Lasson, the 75 year old Swedish citizen found of falling in love with young Ugandan musicians spent the last two days at Mulago hospital with her boyfriend Aziz Mawanda,19.

Mawanda was rushed to and admitted at Mulago after he fell unconscious resulting from hunger, having spent a couple of days surviving on just water 

Because of this ordeal, renowned herbalist Mama Fina came out as a guardian angel and offered to help both the 75 year old and her young dude, one Aziz.

In a thoughtful solution, Mama Fina has decided to pay Monalisa’s Air ticket back to Sweden and give Aziz capital to start up a business and earn some money to take care of him self.

Mawanda in Mulago Hospital recently

We recently had a story of how Monalisa and Aziz were hurtled out of one of the Kampala hotels over failure to clear bills. The two lovebirds were thrown out of Palm Gardens Hotel located in Kanyanya where they have been staying for over a week and their outstanding bill had reportedly gone up to Ug Shs 1.5 million which they couldn’t pay.

Before their admission to Mulago Hospital, Mawanda had said he would be taking Lisa to her step mother in the village until her financial status improves so that they get married in a few months to come.

Recently, Mawanda was head over heals as he broke the news of  their wedding wedding which was supposed to take place Friday the 29th of June at Speak Resort Hotel Munyonyo.

Monalisa Lasson was there at Mulago Hospital to accompany her young lover

Here is one of their unpaid bill at Palm Gardens Hotel in Kanyanya

Before dating Aziz, Monalisa first dated one Guvnor Ace who is an artistes and their marriage did not last long as they had a bad break up.


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