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Management Warns Singer Jackie Chandiru Off Alcohol

A few weeks back, former Blu*3 singer Jackie Chandiru made a big come to the music industry after 3 years of battling drug addiction. After announcing her come back, the singer released her first song after that long period.

However, her close music managers have come out to set strict rules for the singer. They have come out to argue her to completely stop drinking hard liquors as well as stop using energy drinks. This came after she asked for alcohol before she could make her first major comeback performance at a city hangout Club Amnesia.

While at the city hangout, the singer was spotted endlessly drinking Jameson shots and emptying several cans of Redbull which is her favorite energy drink. This didn’t go down well with her new management which is not yet clear though

Singer Chandiru at Club Amnesia recently

The singer fell off from the music scene after getting addicted to a prescribed painkiller which she recently said was not close to Cocaine or Marijuana. While addressing the press last week, Jackie revealed to the nation that it was not what the world thought of her. It was not the cocaine or Marijuana abuse that laid her down as it was reported years back.

Jackie claimed that she got involved in a terrible accident many years back and suffered severe pains. Her personal doctor had prescribed for her a pain killer that would cease the deadly pain and therefore she claimed that she started taking the painkiller and later got addicted to it. She acknowledged that later she started misusing it.

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