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Mark Wahlberg And Dwayne Johnson ‘The Rock’ Hit With A $200 Million Lawsuit

Ballers may be one of your favourite series but the minds behind this masterpiece are being hit with a $200 million demand in the lawsuit. Accordingly to reports, it’s speculated that Mark Wahlberg and Dwayne Johnson stole the idea for their American football hit show.

Dwayne Johnson in one of the scenes in the ballers series

Dwayne Johnson in one of the scenes in the ballers series

However, the two stars who serve as executive directors on the show be caving in easily, they claim that the legal action is frivolous.

A few months ago TMZ reported that Sherri Littleton and Everette Silas claim to have come up with the show, then called Off Season, back in 2007.

The duo also allege that they didn’t have a conclusive agreement with Wahlberg and The Rock to develop the project back in 2009. The deal apparently fell apart when Littleton and Silas couldn’t get the ‘created by’ credit.

TMZ further reports that Littleton and Silas claim the show Off Season and Ballers share too many similarities for it to simply be coincidental.

The series are set in Miami and both feature football players and focus on their lives off the pitch.

The pair also claims that the Mark and The Rock derived the title for ballers from an episode they came up with in offseason.

Littleton and Silas are believed to have asked for a staggering $200 million as a settlement fee.

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