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Maro Makes Statement In Jinja With His ‘Nziranago’ Concert

At 1.30am, Maro came dressed the same way as the acrobats who had showed up to entertain the crowd who were tired of waiting. He stood in the middle of them as they did their thing and when they were done, they gave him space and that is when he unveiled his true self at Laftaz Dam waters in Jinja last Saturday during his concert.

He started his performance with some old songs, perhaps to give the audience a feel of where he’s coming from. Tracks such as ‘Rising Star’, ‘Genda Ewamwe’, ‘Bimala’, ‘Atwooki’, and ‘Baibe’ among others during his first session at 2.30 AM

It was then that he invited an American Singer Shane Palkao and they both did a song titled ‘Idha Obone’ (Lusoga for ‘come and see’) backed by Shane’s band. He went for a rest and left the American musicians also exhibit his work. After, Nai Boi, a Kenyan artiste came next and did songs like ‘Gonga’, ‘Leta’, ‘Kuthibu’ and ‘Hey Momma’ among others. Proff also from Kenya came next with ‘Data’ and ‘Wako Wapi’ among others, followed by Frasha of P Unit doing ‘Kare’, ‘Weka’ and ‘a Good One’.

Maro returned with ‘Kamboyine’, ‘Natereza’ and ‘Mubbi Bubbi’ before a cultural dance troupe joined him to climax the show with ‘Nziranago’.

The show ended at 5am but before he came on stage, there were other artistes who kept the audience on their toes. Little known musicians from Jinja who started singing at 10PM before the established ones from Kampala like Geosteady, Rema Namakula, B2C and the Ghetto Kids.


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