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Mary Bata Refuses To Do DNA Test After Teenager Claims To Be The Father Of Her Baby

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Whatever this 19 year old boy identified as Aziz Mawanda is looking for is soon yet to be found out. It seems that the fame he has gained is not enough even after publicly displaying his love with a 72 year old Swedish cougar who recently left the country a few days ago

The young boy is in the news again after coming out of the blue and claimed that he is the father to singer Mary Bata’s daughter through a video he shared on social media. He alleges that they were dating some time back and their relationship resulted into the birth of the little girl

Mary Bata who was not amused by this news filled a case at Katwe Police station over reasons that Aziz defamed he. Aziz was for that matter therefore taken and locked at Katwe Police station where he spent the whole Wednesday night.

While asked whether she is willing to go for a DNA test to prove Aziz wrong, Bata said she is a busy person who has no time for that. “I have never slept with that young boy and besides I am a busy person with a lot of things to do”

Bata’s interest to get Aziz arrested in nothing but to have the law to act on him for shamelessly claiming a baby who is not his. However, it is said that Mary and Aziz were once friends those days when Aziz tried out singing a few years ago.

“It is not me who told him that we make a baby and neither do I have a problem with her because the child is mine and she is even trying to get me to be with her again” Aziz was heard saying in an interview while at Katwe Police station

Mary Bata and Aziz Mawanda were friends despite the fact that Aziz is claiming he Bata’s baby father

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