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Mary Luswata Begs People To Stop Judging Her

Urban TV Presenter, Mary Luswata has begged people to stop judging her and calling her names.


The queen of gossip further said that she never goes to anyone’s home looking for gossip, its people who call and text her with gossip.

“I am always minding my own business and people call me or send me a message on whatsapp saying that so and so has done this or that. How am I supposed to react to that? Leave it and move on? No, I pick it up and tell people,” she said.

Mary Luswata who is also a presenter with Galaxy FM further said that its the celebrities stupid acts that get them in trouble in the first place.

“Now look at Desire Luzinda. She allowed someone to take nude photos of her. They sent it to me and when I talk about her, people say Luswata is bad. This is unfair.”

“The so called celebs need to learn to be more careful,” Luswata concluded.

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