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Mary Luswata Opens Up About The Biggest Challenge She Faces on Her Show

Sqoop on Sqoop host Mary Luswata recently came out about how she deals with the continuous threats she receives from several artists or their fans and her biggest challenge on the show.

In an exclusive interview with Chano8 the gossip queen said,

I never think am in any kind of danger. When I am doing my show, I don’t really expect people to take what I say on the show personally but they do. I never take threats seriously but still, I am not careless with my life to go out there and put my life at risk. All in a nutshell, threats don’t compel me to live my life in fear.

She further goes on to talk about the individuals she always talks about on her show,

‘I don’t know anyone well enough to either hate or love them. I am just doing my show and they end up taking it personally. Some of these people put their life out there on social media for us to comment on and rate therefore, making them easy prey. For this reason, they end up getting talked about more on my show.

Mary Luswata talks about her career

Mary Luswata talks about her career

While talking about her biggest challenge on the show she said,

‘This show is the first of its kind in Uganda. Ugandans therefore, don’t know if you are just abusing people or criticizing them. Viewers have failed to understand that Sqoop on Sqoop is just a show and they end up taking issues personally. The biggest challenge is separating me from the show. Many find it hard to realize that when am off the show, I am a different character and I live a normal life. People end up thinking that they know me too well and judge me because they have seen me on the show.

Read more about Mary Luswata’s career in the Chano October issue here.

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