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Mary Luswata Posts A Touching Message To Her Unborn Child

Mary Luswata was the talk of town about a year ago. She was the presenter of scoop on scoop programme at Urban TV and with this programme, she used to criticize every celebrity. Whether renowned, upcoming, struggling, young and old, all faced Mary’s wrath. In fact, it was rumoured that Kabushenga was contemplating on getting the presenter body guards because of the endless threats she was getting

And when she quit TV, many celebrities celebrated the good news but the news of her departure had remained a mystery until recently.

The presenter was said to have travelled abroad to look for greener pastures while others said she had gone to be with her fiancée. This could have been true especially the last statement because a few months after, she was rumoured pregnant and when she returned, she ensured that no one knows about her whereabouts.

Mary Luswata

Picture showing Mary Luswata’s 7 months pregnancy

But yesterday, Mary decided to pass on the news of her bulging tummy through social media.

She wrote a post dedicated to her unborn child that read

 “Dear sweetheart, It’s been seven months of carrying you inside my womb and I have never felt anything like this in my whole life. Every single kick and all the amazing things you do in there that I can only witness on the outside have filled me with so much joy. Every morning, I wake up waiting to feel you move. Sometimes I get anxious thinking you are moving too much or less frequent. God you keep me on the edge but I’m enjoying every single bit.”


Mary Lusawata

“Sometimes I wonder about what you look like, if I will love you enough. But one thing I know even before I hold you is that I will most probably kill for you, I hope I never have to. My heart warms up and I get a zillion butterflies in my stomach just because by thinking about you.”



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