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Massive Turn Up for #SaveCarol Car Wash

If there is any evidence that Ugandans love each other, it is in the turn up for the #SaveCarol car wash that went down at Panamera parking today. The event which was organized to raise funds to treat cater for Carol Atuhirwe’s surgery had such an awesome turn out that reflected the passion and love Ugandans have for each other and for the good of all.

Having started as early as 10:00 am, it was amazing to see how many people came in just an hour. Large number flocked the venue in casual clothing, ready to participate in any way they could in the drive.

pana 2

A painter doing starts his work on painting a Carol mural

These numbers had people from all walks of life, from celebrated entertainers like comedians and musicians to politicians and media folk. Many artistes like Bobi Wine, Salvado Idringi, Nince Henry and Fille came in early and quickly lent a helping hand in the car washing.

pana 5

It was not all about cars as bikes were washed too

Shortly after midday, former Presidential candidate Rtd Col. Dr. Kizza Besigye came in, much to the ululation of the public. The peace sign was visible everywhere, and for a moment the place came to a standstill. Besigye was then welcomed by chief washer Bobi Wine. As the politician’s car was taken for washing, he was guided to where the Galaxy Fm van was parked and he went on to wash it.

pana 4

Bobi Wine joins Dr Besigye in washing the Galaxy Fm van

The former FDC party president thanked Ugandans for such a selfless act and urged them to keep up the spirit.

“We should stop waiting for help from the government. If we put the morale in ourselves, we can do great things like this. Wherever Carol is, I am sure she is very grateful” Besigye said.

pana 3

Sandra Suubi entertains the crowd

Later, another former presidential aspirant Dr Abed Bwanika also appeared, and he too was welcomed by Bobi Wine, and he too washed a car as his was being attended to.

The event was fun-filled, with plenty of food and drink as well as performances from some of the artistes in the house.  The total collections from the car wash are yet to be revealed.

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