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Maurice Kirya: I am More Focused Than I’ve Ever Been

Soulful singer Maurice Kirya has given a little insight of what we should expect from him this year.

Soulful singer Maurice Kirya

Soulful singer Maurice Kirya

The Sound Cup boss said,

I will speak for myself
It’s a time to do it right
I am more focused than I’ve ever been
It’s the year to see it right
Working hard and smart
It’s a time to do it right
Enemies that I call friends
I can still love them right
And when the music sounds
They will hear it right
Mom’s got the fight in her
She will win the fight
She taught a dark mind
Just how to see the light
This future that I live in
Will be remembered right
This King of Mwooyo
Yes I said it right
When all is said and done
And all has settled down
I’ll be out of sight
yet celebrated right!

We simply can’t wait to see what Maurice Kirya has in store for us this year.

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