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Maurice Kirya Lights Up The Launch Of ‘Mavuno Market Place’

Photos by Habre Muriisa

When the emcee announces that it is time for talented singer and vocalist Maurice Kirya to take to the stage, the fans, ladies in particular begin screaming even before he sets a foot on stage. He is such a ladies’ man.  

Those who attended Mavuno Church Kampala’s launch of  the ‘Mavuno Market Place‘ that took place at the Naggulu based Kampala Parents School on Sunday the 3rd of June  were treated to a breathtaking live music showcase from the one king of ‘Mwoyo Music’, Luganda for Soul Music.

Invited as the guest performer, Maurice took to stage at half past 10 AM as the crowd cheered him off course and he was so humbled to appear before a congregation which he greeted in a soft voice admitting that he was indeed so honoured to come sing for them

Clad in a pair of blue boots, black fitting pants and a denim shirt completing the whole look with a black beret,  Maurice did not  disappoint but  unveiled the package he had for the revelers/fans. He played his own melody with a guitar and he sang songs like ‘Nzaani’ which caught the crowd making them sing along as if they were his back singers. This was Maurice’s first time to perform this new gospel tune in church.

He later came for second round which saw him perform songs like ‘Anything You Like’, ‘Never Been Loved’, ‘Mulembe Gwa Kirya’, ‘Busaabala’ and finally ‘Musubawa’.

We have the photos and the videos

Maurice in the middle of his performance

After his perormabce , Maurice visited the Chano8 Conekt and Mixa Kids exhibition stall


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