Maurice Kirya Promises Uganda The Biggest Concert Ever

Just like any artiste would hold a press conference ahead of their concert, Yesterday evening Maurice Kirya hosted journalists at Moringa Offices located in Bugolobi-Kampala where he briefed them on things to expect at his upcoming ‘Kirya Live’ concert slated for Friday the 29th of July 2016 at Kampala Serena Hotel.


Maurice Kirya hosting journalists at a press conference

The media briefing kicked off at 6:40 PM with remarks from the representatives from the partnership companies namely Club Beer, House Of Djs, NTV and Radio City who outlined their packages in support of the concert and later gave time for Maurice to answer questions from the different journalists in attendance.

maurice 2

Maurice Kirya (3rd left) pausing for pictures with the representatives from the sponsoring companies


Urban TV’s Denzel forwarding his questions to Maurice


MC Shaqib was the host

Dressed in a navy blue jacket, a white t-shirt with black stripes, ripped navy blue jeans and white all star shoes, the ‘Busaabala’ hit singer took the mike and told the media on what to expect his live concert.

“The last Maurice Kirya live we did was in 2011 and we did another in 2013 and its going to be tougher for us this time round, but we are excited because every time we do an event, we have to make it go ten times higher than before and I can unapologetically say this is going to be the best show Ugandans have ever seen.” He said.

maurice kirya2

some of the people who were in attendance

“I know there will be a time when I can’t sing like how I sing now, look the way I look so I give it my best right now because I don’t take any moments for granted. That is how prepared I am. I am going to do my very best as I have always done but I also know that for us as musicians, we cannot do it without you. I will perform a couple of songs that no one had ever heard before.” He added.

Asked whether he dreams to be big on the international scene and one day wish to take his music to the next level where he can sell his style and Uganda across the globe, the Mwoyo singer in response then asked if he is seen as one who can pull it off before adding that he wants to carry Uganda’s flag across the world and wave it on big stages out there. “I see myself in sold-out concerts across the world” He added.

maurice Kirya 2

Maurice Kirya stressing a point

He also asked the masses, fans, media, government, institutions and clubs to support the local artistes and push them forward, because the only way Ugandan artistes can reach that level is if Ugandan artistes are treated the same way the international artistes are.

“The love we give the international artistes (who are amazing), should be the same love we give our local artistes because they are yours, they live right next to you, they sing your favourite songs but when you meet them, they don’t know that you know that”. Explained Maurice

There is no other announcement and fans you should indeed prepare for a live music experience from Maurice Kirya at Kampala Serena Hotel for only 100, 000 shillings and the tickets can be purchased via mobile money by pressing +252# and following prompts.


Food was later served to all the attendees

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