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Maurice Kirya Releases Two New Songs In A Single Day

Maurice Kirya is a soulful and sweet voiced artiste, actor and guitarist who does his thing in a unique style, he is a kind of artiste who works on his own pace but he is still good in what he does. Maurice who is also young brother to dance-hall super star Vampino, has a very large and still growing fan base especially of people who love soft and inspirational music. He calls himself the ‘King of Myooyo’ which is also the style he chose to name the music he does.

Kirya who recently lost his beloved mother in August has however come back stronger and has been a busy man doing lots of projects for example the Coke Studio Season 3 which is a success. Like any other person, losing his mother came through with lots of challenges yet it has not held him back but instead he has continued to focus on his music. Yesterday he released two sizzling hot songs entitled ‘Ghost’ featuring hip hop star Ruyonga and ‘Mama We Made It’ which is a tribute song to his deceased mother.

Kirya sings

Maurice Kirya is back with two new songs

“Here is a new single from the King Of Mwooyo. Written, Composed and Performed by Maurice Kirya“Mama We Made It” is a song off the And another one from the king of Mwooyo”. Said Maurice Kirya in a social media message.

“Written, Composed and Performed by Maurice Kirya “Ghost feat Ruyonga” is a song off the Mwooyo album that talks about a girl that manages to get into a man’s life and changes the man’s perception about how he has always chosen to love a woman, he even starts thinking whatever is happening is not real, it’s a myth.

Ruyonga delivers a metaphoric verse accompanied with a characteristic flow. “Mama We Made it & Ghost ” are on ITunes Amazon Spotify Raphsody”. He added. As he continues to push for his future, we wish him all the best and Chano8 will keep you up dated on when the videos will be out.


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