Mavuno 360 Turns Former Club Venom Into A Mega ‘Bar Church’

Photos by Ruva Roy Collins

Well we can exclusively confirm that, Former club venom where the popular Beach Bar used to house crazy parties is now going to be a classy church. This was after Mavuno 360 took over the premises a few weeks back and now carrying a massive facelift and structural adjustments that will turn the place into a modern church and youth outreach centre.

According to Mvuno’s Pastor Carol Ekinu the place which lies at the top of Tirupati Mazima Mall, Gaba Road in Kabalagala, will now become a “Bar Church with cameras, Lights and Jesus”. Meaning the word of God will be taken closer to the people it is intended for.

“We have ended up here not by accident nor by mistake, but this has been through a vision that I received from the most high” She told members of the church last night at a ‘Vision Night’ outreach gathering which also acted as a familiarisation tour of the place ahead of the official opening and launch scheduled for July 2nd.

Mavuno 360 banner announces the take over of former Club Venom in Tirupatti Mazima Mall

After Pastor Carol  who confessed to having previously been a party animal, shared an inspiring background of Mavuno 360 (Meaning a complete turnaround), she also shared the detailed vision of ‘the dream’ inspired by a church in Germany that has brought Mavuno 360 to a bar and place that is notoriously known for crime and immorality.


A few months back, Club veno was one of the most happening hangouts in Kampala with theme nights running across the whole week. The Beach Bar which was most active on Sundays became a massive hit for Party goers in an around Kampala. However it has now got a complete transformation after its dramatic collapse following stories of mismanagement and in fighting among proprietors and management which reportedly forced then to sell it to city tycoon Bob Kabonero and top city lawyer Barenzi.

So last night, Mr Patrick Kairu who was introduced as the senior architect, took the members to a guided tour of the place and shared the vision when it will be completed. He made it clear that for the vision to be realised, it will has taken a lot of input and contribution directly from the members of the church ranging from financial, material to professional skills and knowledge.

Pastor Carol and Patrick share the vision with the members of Mavuno 360


The new Mavuno 360 church or worship area will take the former VIP club and discotheque. The entrance and facade will remain the same but re-branded. Next to it will be a reception area where refreshments will be served to members and ushers will be doing their thing from. There will also be some landscaping done around this area.

Next to the church as you move towards the former beach bar will be offices for administrators and pastors as well as some of the Mavuno 360 projects for the youth outreach. 

The spot where there was a massive brewery will huge tanks will now house the children’s area where they will have Sunday school and other activities going on. The place is also expected to be luminous with colour and kids play items.


The church will take up the Former Club Venom VIP club


This will occupy the former Beach Bar that had sand and was known for hosting parties when it was still Club Venom. This area will be open to the public and will be an entertainment and meeting hub with restaurants, coffee shops, stores and will host the youth outreach programs with a resident DJ.

This area which will be in a sports bar setting will also have wide screens where the public can be able to watch movies, follow the latest sports action and news. They can also follow church service on Sundays from here and have theme nights designed for youth to network.

The former Red Hare Garage Bar has not yet been acquired by Mavuno yet but they expect to take it up by December and expand the program there too.

The Public Area will be at the former Beach Bar


The week running from June 27 to July 2nd is a packed one for Mavuno because there will be;

Young & Fearless Summit 2017 featuring Ephraim Rwamwenge & Pompi on Tuesday, June  27th

Entertainers Connect – The YClick. An event for people involved in the entertainment sector eg select Artists, MCs, Promoters, DJs, Comedians, Managers etc. on Thursday, June 29

The Lockdown Concert Featuring OLIVER MTUKUDZI, Kanjii (Kenya), Pompi (Zambia), Naava Grey with Pablo and Ann Kansiime the MCs on Friday, June 30 2017:

The Launch of Mavuno 360 at former Venom Club in Kabalagala on Sunday, July 2 2017

Members listening to upcoming Mavuno 360 projects


Mavuno Kampala began after 4 teams of Mizizi leaders commuted from Nairobi for a total of 44 weeks. The church was founded in 2009 and launched in May 2010. It was started by Pastor Kevin Nderitu who initially commuted every 2 weeks from Nairobi. 

The church is led by Pastor Waweru Njenga and meets at the Kampala Parents School Hall in Kampala every Sunday from 10am to 12 noon.  

Mavuno Kampala  – 10am Kampala Parents School, Kampala. The church runs an outreach program: The Lockdown, which involves reaching out to patrons in entertainment spots as a way of engaging the community, being relevant to society, while bringing the message of Christ to the people.

The mission is Turning Ordinary People Into Fearless Influencers Of Society’ and is not about information, but transformation. Exciting worship and hearing God’s word every Sunday are the means to an end, not an end in themselves.         


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