MC Dagy Nyce Proves His Worth On The Mic

It is that time of the year when musicians, events hosts are praying that they can be included on the list of performers during this year’s convention slated to happen in two months’ time but one person who is already guaranteed is emcee Dagy Nyce after he was chosen for the second time to host this prestigious ceremony.

Dagy Nyce Mc aka Suubi Douglas was confirmed at the beginning of this week and will be the host of the upcoming Twegaite Convention again that’s going to be in Washington DC between the 25-30th of May 2017.

Dagy Nyce

MC Dagy Nyce set to host the Twegaite Convention to be held in soon

The Spark TV presenter was the host of this convention 2015 in Minnesota and he must have done a fine job as he was again voted atop of all other events hosts.

He couldn’t hold his joy soon as he learnt of the news and immediately run to his social media platform and posted the video Ad of the event with these words. “The Flow of blessings is unbelievable…clearly heaven is in charge of my hustle.”


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