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MC Kapale Disappointed In Fellow Comedians Salvado And MC Mariachi

Comedian MC Kapale is a veteran in the game. In fact, he also paved way for some of the comedians ruling the industry lately one of them being MC Mariachi.

The latter has gone ahead to be a better comedian than his predecessor which has annoyed Kapale to the extent that he has said Mariachi blackmailed him.

“I introduced Mariachi to a number of my business associates like including Tito Tong, the proprietor of Club Monalisa. He gave him lots of businesses but as time went on, he started backbiting me and the trust Tong had in me died.” said MC Kapale.

He also added that Salvado is the other comedian he stopped respecting because of his bad habits of stealing his jokes.

Kapale said that Salvado would come to Theatre Labonita every time there was comedy back in the day, steal their jokes and redo them in English.

“We are basically responsible for Salvado’s international exposure. He would use our exact jokes but just turn them into English.”

His disappointment is that Salvado has never credited them on the international shows he has performed at.

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