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MC Kapale ‘Warns’ Spice From Acting Skits As Comedian Claims She Is Tapping Into Comedians’ Market

If you have had time to look at the videos section on singer Spice Diana’s official Facebook page, you then must have seen some skits she has acted and shared for fans to watch

She is trying to show us the funny side of her through these skits which her Facebook followers seem to like although this has rubbed  some comedians the wrong way and one of them is MC Kapale

In interview with Spark TV conducted at his salon which he recently opened up to earn him some money, given that social events are on suspension, Kapale expressed his ‘unhappiness’ about Spice’s decision to start acting skits out of the blue.

According to his opinion, the “Kwata Wano” singer should have left skits for comedians. He feels like she is tapping into the comedians’ market yet she is already an established artiste.

“I will beat you my sister you if don’t leave our job alone. You want to dominate in music and acting skits as well? No. Infact  those things of singing and acting were started by Eagles Production some years back so I think Spice has started learning that habit and we are not going to allow that to continue” Said concerned Kapale.

Kapale also said that as a comedian, he has never joined the music industry so he doesn’t see a reason why artistes should enter the comedy industry.

He added that, artistes should be a little patient and wait when the government allows social events to resume and they start performing.

Kapale continued to say that as social events are still on suspension, acting skits and posting them online is the comedians’ plan B but they are facing competition from artistes like Spice

“Skits are our plan B as comedians but artistes are now acting them as well. I don’t know what these guys want from us. I have seen other artistes like Lil Pazo, A Pass and Mary Bata as skits as well”

Spice Diana in one of the skits





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