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Mc Kapale’s One Man Show Sells Out

Yet again, another comedian filled up theatre Labonita in his one-man show last evening. Mc Kapale real names Kawuki Bashir proved to critics that his comedy skits however, vulgar they are can attract such a mammoth crowd.

Unlike musical shows that end past midnight, Kapale’s show dubbed “Kapale mu smart English show” ended at 11pm with the crowd yearning for more.

Kapale joked about everything from the audience to religious issues and despite his Islamic beliefs, he went ahead and joked about how Moslems eat the forbidden animal.

One of the jokes that left almost everyone in tears was the difference between a loaded man and a poor one. “If a poor man loses a 500 coin at his place, he will look for it until everything is turned upside down. If that fails, he will move everything outside the house until he finds it but when a loaded guy loses a 50k note, he will only peep under the chair he’s seated on and won’t mind if he doesn’t find it.”

The Radio Simba presenter performed twice with every session lasting for one hour.

Bobi Wine and Nubian Lee perform at Kapale's show.

Bobi Wine and Nubian Lee perform at Mc Kapale’s show.

Bobi Wine and Nubian Lee were the key performers of the night as they did their “Kigwa Leero” track with the crowd cheering on. Kapalaga and Sheeba are the other artistes who supported the comedian while Alex Muhangi acted as the emcee of the night.

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