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MC Kats Excited After His Stolen Car Is Finally Found

On Sunday the 1st of July as Ugandans were complaining of the social media tax implementation, NBS TV’s ‘After 5’ co-host MC Kats took to his Facebook account in the wee hours of the night to report that his Toyota Harrier registration number UAU 335R had been stolen as he had parked along Salama Road

Kats did not stop at reporting on Facebook alone as On Monday this week he took to live television during NBS TV’s ‘After 5’ show and begged for mercy from the thieves to at least return his identify cards and other gadgets that were in the car.

Following the information that Chano8 has landed on, it seems MC Kats’ prayers were heard by God 3 days later, as the car was found abandoned in Nindye Village, Nkozi Sub-county in Mpigi District at one of the homes on Wednesday morning.

The good news of the car’s recovery was broken by one Fred Lukwago who posted on his Facebook page asking who the car owner is.

“Mpozzi banauganda bwewabaawo amanyi emotoka eyo. Tetumanyi oba bajitidemu muntu oba okujibiramu esangidwa wano ewaffe enindye mumaka gomutuuze mutuyambe munonyereze kwekyo” Read Fred’s post which can be loosely translated as ‘Ugandans, if there is knowing the owner of this car kindly help us investigate on this matter. We don’t know whether they used it rob people’

“The use of social media.This how I got my car. Thanx fred lukwago” MC Kats excitedly posted on his Facebook Page

This is however not the first time a celebrity is losing a car to thugs, the difference is that Kat’s luckily recovered his. Artistes like Maro, Roden Y and Capital FM’s Shawn Kimuli also lost their cars to thieves months ago but have not recovered them up to now.



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