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MC Kats Now ‘Silently’ Promoting Fille’s Music Despite Bad Breakup

TV personality Edwin Katamba also known as MC Kats has started promoting singer Fille Mutoni’s music on his official ‘Kats Music Uganda’ instagram account which was originally Fille’s before he renamed it.

Ever since he renamed Fille’s instagram account, he has posting Fille’s recently produced music. One of the songs Kats has posted on this account is a short clip from the video to a collabo song Fille sang with Allan Toniks titled  ‘Falling’.

He went ahead and posted a video of people enjoying her latest song with Voltage Music titled ‘Squeeze’ in one of the hangouts and it seems he is not about to stop.

It should be noted that MC Kats and singer fille reportedly fell out after dating for 8 years. Before they fell out, Kats was managing the singer.

Although they are no longer together, rumours have it that the couple who have a child together could be on the verge of reconciling

It is true MC Kats has been fighting so hard to reconcile the lost love but  Mama Abi as he always refers to her seems adamant. Kats even went ahead to apologise to Fille publically and promised to be a good husband if she forgives him .

From the start, it is music that joined the two, we await to see if the same music reunites them.

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