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Mc Kats Opens Up About Decision To Join NBS

It was around this time on Wednesday that we were still guessing on Mc Kat’s next destination after his contract with NTV expired but with no intentions of renewing it. After a few hours we broke the news of his next destination which in this case is NBS TV station.

Kats was embraced at his new work station and his first appearance got many people hooked to the station to find out if he has what it takes to transform the kamwokya based station’s entertainment sector.

So far, he’s doing a great job in promoting the station but the question on everyone’s mind has been why he had to quit one of the best TV stations where he had been for the last seven or so years.


Mc Ktas has now joined NBS tv

While Mceeing at Sheeba’s video premier, Kats revealed the main reason he left NTV saying that he needed to get more recognition abroad.

“A few weeks back, we travelled to London and I was one of the hosts at a certain function over there with Eve Mbabazi. The event kicked off when she hadn’t yet come and I was the one to take over but I was so surprised to hear some people in the audience asking who I was. This took me by surprise because in my mind I was like over these years I’ve been hosting and presenting events people can still ask me who I am! So I decided to take another key step in my career which is NBS. Now, people abroad have started to notice my work.” He said.

Kats real names Katamba Edwin started work on Thursday and he will be presenting a programme called ‘After 5’ from Monday to Friday.

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