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MC King Kong To Perform For Fans Every Sunday

Towards the end of last year, famous comedian MC King Kong commonly known for his trending video clips of him dancing to some songs almost lost his dear life after he got involved in a very tragic car accident. By the grace of God, the comedian successfully healed and so far, he has made some few appearances through performances and a smile has come back to the fans who enjoyed his comedy treat.


MC King Kong Of Uganda is back and strong

His comeback will see him perform at various comedy shows for example at one he has with other comedians on Friday the 18th of Match at Theatre Labonita. With effective from yesterday which was the first showcase, King will be hosting a free comedy show at the Kabalagala based night spot dubbed Venom Beach Bar every Sunday. Chano8 contacted him and he had this to say.


“Just wait you will see many things coming, I won’t say anything about them because I have been doing that for many years.” His friends and fellow comedians namely Ronnie Mac Vex and Prince Emmah recently paid a visit to his place of residence. The two were highly encouraged by the big improvement on King Kong’s condition. Prince Emmah posted a message on his Facebook page.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, greetings from MC King Kong. Ronnie and I paid a visit and have a message. King Kong thanks all good-hearted Ugandans who remembered him in times of need. He is strong, back on his feet and ready to soldier on. God is great.” Indeed he is truly great and we also welcome you back MC King Kong.




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