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Me And Alaka Are Close Friends – Jackie Chandiru

Jackie and Alaka

Jackie and Alaka

Jackie Chandiru has cleared the air about her relationship by saying she and Alaka are just ‘close friends’. Jackie who has been involved in endless war of words with Alaka’s wife Linda Nimuli over the city lawyer was answering a question posed by a fan on a Q&A session with her fans on Facebook.This comes after stories had spread in the media about her snatching another married man Brian “Jiga” MuwongeYiga from MarionKimanyi and then boarding a bus to Arua to go and beat a Munyarwand girl who was apparently sharing a hotel room with Alaka there.She has since denied the allegations saying God is ‘her man’.She had this to say that time;

“I am going to make this clear just one more time… Madam, only God knows who the man of my dreams is, why..because God IS the man of my dreams! Do NOT assume you know my future, if it wasn’t mine; its back in the mausoleum! I have never fought and WILL NEVER fight for any human being but I will fight to serve my God, concentrate on your family, be who you should be..my name should never seep through you! I hustle, I live my life..you have a problem with me, ask God to help you#mymamataughtmebetterthanwastingtimeonrelics# high time you stop trying to remain relevant in the media without working for it. Hoping I have made my self very very clear. You have got to be worth riding on my sweat to actually do so….am sorry moms, there is a limit to everything..”

The session which involved fans asking the ‘gold digger’ singer direct questions on her private and professional life brought in so many queries with the artist preferring to give brief and concise answers and not digging into details.

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Jackie also confirms that they will have projects with BLU3 in future depending on Lillian’s programs of motherhood. The former Blu 3 girl group member was earlier reported to be reconciling with her former colleagues and friends Lillian Mbabazi and Cinderella Sanyu aka Cindy  to work together on new projects as Blu 3 once again. When asked about working together again she replied;

“Yes but not too soon as lilian has to give baby time to grow”

Some fans and secret admirers went as far as asking her out and hitting on her directly with a one Frankie Draku Senior even asking how he can marry the girl from West Nile. And she politely brushed them aside saying “lol…eyo dipo nagigala….hehe..”

She is alo working on a half album with Peter with producer Ricco at purple chord and Joseph Mayanja at grayce records something Peter describes “good music”


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