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Meddie Ssentongo Cases Dropped By The Commercial Court

Justice was finally served last evening as socialite Meddie Ssentongo’s impending cases were dropped by commercial court judge Henry Peter Adonyo.

The judge dismissed the case in which Meddie was apprehended of defrauding Daveshan company of 12 million shillings together with his then girlfriend Sharifah Namuyimbwa commonly known as Bad Black.

Meddie Sentongo is a free man.

Meddie Ssentongo is a free man.

As we write this, Meddie is a free man and all his confiscated property will be handed back to him including houses in Muyenga, Munyonyo and Naalya among others like cars, plots of land among others.

“It’s true that everything is possible where Allah participates. Today after so many years struggling for my life and its belongings, victory has finally settled with me. Everyone on this planet, lovers and friends, allow me thank you all for the unending prayers delivered day in day out. I come out in a loud voice and smile to say the court has ruled in my favor. Thank you Allah thank you all.” Meddie said after the closure of the case.

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