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Meet Bashir Lukyamuzi ‘Badi.’ The Highly Talented Music And Film Director

Bashir Lukyamuzi is a 28-year-old Uganda music multi-award winning music video producer, director and proprietor of Badi music production.

Besides directing music videos and audio production, he has recently ventured into the unknown world of film and cinema where the industry is slowly but steadily picking up. Chano caught up with him on a one on one to ask him what he is up to these days.

Chano8: Where did the name BADI come from?
I used to do videos in Nyonjo production and all my videos had something extra unique, so people used to say I have new tricks (Bubadi) in all my videos, I thus concocted into Luganda to make “Badi”.

Chano8: What inspired you to go into video editing?
I always enjoyed sketching art when in school and when the opportunity to work with VCL came by, I embraced it. I started out carrying equipments but during my free time, I would sneak and cram what the editors used to do so one time I asked a friend to let me edit a wedding. He was amused by my work, but then Mr Katende found me editing and that was my last day working there.

Chano8: What year did you start serious video editing?
2006 when I joined Nyonjo production.

Chano8: What do you love most about this job?
Through this job, I’ve been able to meet many people, achieved and still achieving a lot that I didn’t think I would have before.

Badi talks about his journey

Badi talks about his journey

Chano8: What are some of the best videos you’ve produced in your view?
Kanywamusayi, Talk and talk, where you are (Goodlyf), how we do rmx( All-stars), Vumilia (Chameleone), Abalungi balumy (Bobi Wine), Yenze (Toniks), Tetubatya and I’m loving by A-Pass among others.

Chano8: How much do you charge to shoot a music video?
The least I charge is 4 to 5millionUgx but the artist has to facilitate his concept costs.

Chano8: Why do you think Ugandan artistes have started using Nigerian and South African video editors? Aren’t you guys good anymore?
Ugandan musicians don’t know what they want. They don’t trust us at all and are excited easily. I believe what those guys can do, we can also do it, but an artist finds it okay to pay a Nigerian editor 20m Ugx for some crappy work, but can’t pay the same amount to us for nice jobs.

To read more about his journey, check it out in the current Chano8 issue here.

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