Meet The Dazzling Kids Of Uganda’s Top Celebrities

We know them for their careers, music, love lives, inspirations, scandals, achievements etc. However these influential personalities are also family heads with amazing kids to provide for. Sincerely we should give props to our Ugandan celebrities for setting good examples when it comes to family ties.


Look at those smiling faces, the joy of having a family is evidently reflected as the two love birds enjoy a moment with their daughters.

H.E the ghetto president Bobi Wine and stunning Barbie have played model parents among others. Perhaps this parenting value is a gift from mother Africa, whatever it is, we are happy our celebs are sowing seeds, children to uphold and affirm their legacies.

Today most of our celebs are generous enough to share pictures of their children on social media  giving their fans a sneak peek of what is happening in their family lives. They flaunt these super gorgeous kids on Instagram, Facebook, and twitter name it. Some of these incredibly beautiful kids have already started showing their interest in the entertainment industry while others are innocently enjoying the prospects that come with being a celebrity’s child. We share with you some photos of the celebrities with their cute babies, take note that some of these kids have grown and as we speak look much bigger while others still look the same.


Cinderalla Sanyu looking too good with her beautiful daughter on the beach


The Wale Wale super star posing for a photo with his growing family, breath taking to look at. Well done mom,Daniela.


Micheal Kasaija and Natasha Sinayobe, the Obsession stars with their handsome son


Smiles and laughter are a known trademark for this family.


At the Best of Bebe, Bebe Cool sharing the stage with some of his kids


Desire Luzinda and the equally beautiful daughter, she has grown, well done mom Desire


Judith Heard’s dazzling kids, the ‘nalango’has done a great job with parenting


Pallaso with the cute daughter taking a selfie


The man from Ombokolo Salvador happy around his gorgeous wife and beautiful babies


The Same Way star Geo Steady with his daughter at the pool side


Comedian Alex Muhangi’s wife and the daughter Jehu, a real photocopy of the dad


Look at how beautiful the two look alike, the ‘Nkumila’ Omukwano’ hit maker Aziz Azion with his hot son looking very cool


Look at those beautiful eyes Fille passed on to the daughter. The girl looks as healthy as the mom


The Luga Flow master Gravity Omutujju with the daughter. 




We know Iryn as a protective and devoted mother, there she shares a moment with the boys. Too cutie! 


Radio and Mbabazi Lillian’s handsome son


Fille and the Daughter


The Hip Hop star Navio’s smashing kids


Sheila Don Zella and Big Eyes’s gorgeous children


Pablo, the wife and their beautiful baby


The famous Bad Black’s Daughter looking like she’s ready for stardom

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