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Meet Mas Yunus Masaba Serial Entrepreneur And CEO Of Mas Group Of Companies

He is a serial entrepreneur, founder and CEO of Mas Group of Companies. H is passionate about business and loves football. Chano8’s Maureen Guma caught up with him to findout what makes him tick.

Chano8Conekt: Hullo ….. Tell us about yourself. Who is Mas Yunus Masaba?

Mas: Mas is a serial entrepreneur, founder and CEO of Mas Group of Companies founded in 2010 comprising of 5 core companies (Blue Magic Inc., Mas Consults & Associates, Track24, Khainza Energy, and Mbale City FC). Mas is a fun loving young man that loves the thrill of new adventures and life. He loves new challenges and finds peace while spending crazy moments with friends and family. Did I mention, he has a passion for football he plays over weekends with friends under their team NyanyaMbisi FC a non-league team for leisure?

Chano8Conekt: what inspired you into taking the road less travelled? (Your entrepreneurial journey.

Mas: I have always loved innovations and challenging the status quo in society, in my senior 4 vacation, together with my brothers, we setup a village radio station which we ran locally back in Mbale.

I started business when I joined Kira College Butiki for my A ‘level where I sold airtime and computer games to fellow students. This laid a foundation for me where together with my friend Ddiba Joseph started a high school magazine (Bacpage) during our senior 6 vacation. Since then, I never looked back. Things didn’t go on well with the magazine business which I quit and started a branding company with David Mugogo and this was the foundation upon which Mas Group was built.

One of the key issues that influenced my decisions was the desire for freedom of expression and new challenges which called for innovations. I see opportunities from the problems & challenges we are faced with on a daily basis. I easily get bored, so I love the thrill.

Chano8conekt: Please tell our readers more about your innovation(s), what you do?

Mas: Like I said earlier, Mas Group has 5 core companies, the oldest being Blue Magic Inc., a branding company founded in 2010, Mas Consults & Associates (2012) which is an award winning business development firm for SMEs seeking business development services such as new market penetration, growth and scalability. Mbale City FC (2013), Track24 (2016) a security company majoring in GPS and satellite tracking services for fleet and mobile assets. Khainza Energy (2016) a partnership with Eng. Arthur Wony, is a renewable energy company dealing in unique packaging of biogas in cylinders. We shall be launching Mas Engineering Corporation later this year providing engineering and construction services across the country.

Chano8Conekt: Where do you see MAS group in 5 years?

Mas: We want to solidify our presence in the Ugandan market and later in the region. Uganda is a land of many opportunities with a very big market potential.

Chano8Conekt: I understand you are one of the members of the YE Uganda Community. What kind of impact do platforms like YE have on young African entrepreneurs like you?

Mas: Yes! I am a member of YE community. Such communities and Networks are key to the growth of any business. These platforms help you network with likeminded individuals and you are able to share valuable information that you have unlimited access to support from the community.

Chano8Conekt: As a young entrepreneur, what’s your driving force? Money?, Success? Both or none? And why?

Mas: Am driven by what I envision in the future and the legacy I would create. I want to inspire as many young people as possible because they are only limited by their imaginations.

Chano8Conekt: How many young people are you employing & what skills are they gaining?

Mas: My businesses currently directly employ 25 young people in the fields of engineering, IT, Renewable energy, Design, research, and business management on the business side.We also further have an extra 30 attached to the football club (Mbale City FC).We expose our team to opportunities across board and encouraged to have practices of entrepreneurship (side gigs)

Chano8Conekt: What advice do you give to young people who are looking into venturing into entrepreneurship?

Mas: Simply believe in the beauty of your dreams and work towards achieving them. Entrepreneurship is not a bed of roses as it looks from the outside.

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