Meet Phoency The Upcoming Singer Who Wants To Win A BET Award

Photos by Habre Muriisa

Every time we hear the name Pheoncy,  what comes to our mind is the song ‘Kati Kati’. She is one of the fast rising-artistes to look out for this year especially basing on the fact that she has proven her worth with the breakthrough song ‘Kati Kati’ and more ‘jaw dropping’ ones she has promised to release in the near future.

Pheoncy whose real name is Musimenta Phiona, is a 3rd year student at Makerere University Business School. The young promising singer has her eyes set on bringing home a BET award in Uganda very soon. Chano8 recently caught up with her for a one on one about her career plans and life in general.


Pheoncy taking on Chano8’s questions

Chano8: Where did you get the inspiration to call yourself Pheoncy?

(Clears throat) I won’t say that I copied that from Beyonce since we almost have the same name, but I got it from my name Phiona because I was seeing people calling themselves names like Phiphi so I was like let me do something different besides, I used to label my T Shirts Pheoncy so I also loved the name.

Chano8: When did you join the music industry?

I won’t say long time ago because I started music when I was in High School that was in my senior 4 in 2011. I remember one term we did the beginning of term exams and I got few points and I was like what, I really can’t afford to stay in school then I was like let me try something new if at all school fails so I decided to basically do music.

Chano8: So did you release any songs in 2011?

I didn’t but I used to write songs whenever I was in my free time so I went to studio in 2012 that was my senior 5. I did a song called ‘Think Of You’ with my two classmates and it is online.

Chano8: What mainly inspired you to sing and which genre(s) do you do?

I did music because I loved to sing and I listened a lot to people’s songs like Rihanna. So one day I was like I can also sing, why am I listening to other people’s songs? I do RnB, Dancehall, Afrobeat among others. I am not tied to a specific style.

Chano8: What do you do apart from singing?

I study and I am in my 3rd year at Makerere University Business School (MUBS) and I do work with my mum.

Chano8: Share with us some of the challenges you have faced so far in this fast-paced music industry.

For now am alone, I don’t have a manager or team but financial status is very low (laughs). You go to the studio to record a song and the producer asks for Ug Shs 500,000. When you are buying the lyrics from a song writer, you are asked for 1 million so you find yourself having money for only one person. At times fans love your song and request for the video when you don’t have money to shoot.

Chano8: What uniqueness do you think you have compared to other female artistes in the industry?

(Gets lost for words for a few seconds) I see from what the others have done and see what better I can do. So I think am doing something different and I hope people are going to hear and see it.

Chano8: Where do you see Pheoncy in the near future?

I see myself very far and I think I will be the one bringing the BET awards (repeatedly says “I see myself very far”)

Chano8: From 2012 when you began singing, share with us some of your songs that you think have exposed you to the fans.

My first ever collabo with my high school classmates then ‘Mbeera Zo’ a slow song that the guys like most and my latest ‘Kati Kati’.



Chano8: Your ‘Kati Kati’ tune has proven to be a hit amongst your fans, tell us about it and the inspiration behind.

It’s a song that was written by my friend called Dr Brain. I went to him and told him that I needed a Dancehall song and asked him to write it ‘Kati Kati’ (Luganda for right now) so when he got done writing it, he told me it was dubbed ‘Kati Kati’ and I was like why and he told me how I had asked him to write the song on spot then. Personally I love the song.

Chano8: Which shows or concerts has Pheoncy performed at?

I have performed at one of the big MTN events, Club Dome at International University of East Africa, (IUEA), Kadanke, Buzz Teeniez Awards all these in 2016.

Chano8: Are you married?

No no no (smiles). I am not searching but soon I will.

Chano8: Your last message to your fans.

I love my fans so much and I thank them for the time they have given me and being on my side always.




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